dnl	$OpenBSD: hardware,v 1.24 2008/08/06 18:23:56 miod Exp $
OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV will run on most HP 9000/300- and 400-series
8MB of RAM should be sufficient to boot and a minimal system can probably
be squeezed onto a 120MB partition by installing just the minimum sets.
To actually do much compiling or anything more interesting than
booting, more RAM and disk space is highly recommended. About 250MB will be
necessary to install all of the OpenBSD OSREV binary distribution (note that
this does not count swap space!).  Much more disk space is required to
install the source and objects as well (about another 600MB).

The following HP hardware is supported:

    HP 9000/300 series

	68030-based:  340, 345, 360, 362, 370 and 375.
	68040-based:  380, 382 and 385.

    HP 9000/400 series

	68030-based:  400(dl/s/t).
	68040-based:  425(dl/e/s/t) and 433(dl/s/t).

	These machines are not supported when configured for Domain/OS;
	their ROMs need to be configured in `HP-UX mode'.

    SCSI controllers and peripherals

	98658A built-in and add-on SCSI interface (spc).

	SCSI-1 disk drives (sd), cdrom drives (cd), tape drives (st)
	and tape changers (ch).

	SCSI-2 devices are known to work, but may require changing a jumper
	to restrict them to SCSI-1 behaviour.

    HP-IB/CS80 controller and peripherals

	98624 built-in HP-IB interface (nhpib).
	98625A and 98625B `fast' HP-IB interface (fhpib).

	Most HP disks, including: 7912, 7914, 7933, 7936, 7937,
	7945, 7957, 7958, 7959, 2200, and 2203.

	Low-density cartridge drives: 7914, 7946, and 9144.
	High-density cartridge drives: 9145.
	1/2" tape drives: 7974A, 7978A/B, 7979A, 7980A, and 7980XC.

    Serial ports

	98644 built-in and add-on single port (dca).
	98642 4-port (dcm).
	98638 8-port (dcm).
	400-series Apollo 3-port serial/keyboard mux (apci).
		[The first port being typically configured as a dca device,
		 except on the 425e.]

    Ethernet interfaces

	98643 built-in and add-on LAN cards (le).

    Frame buffers

	98543, 98544, 98545 and 98547 color and monochrome Topcat (topcat).
	98548, 98549 and 98550 color and monochrome Catseye (topcat).
	A1416A color Kathmandu (topcat).
	98700 and 98710 Gatorbox (gbox).
	98720 and 98721 Renaissance (rbox).
	98730 and 98731 DaVinci (dvbox).
	A1096A monochrome Hyperion (hyper).
	98705 ``Tigershark'' TurboVRX (tvrx).
	EVRX (425e on-board) and SGC frame buffers (sti).

    Input devices

	General interface supporting all HIL devices (hil):
		keyboard (hilkbd)
		2 and 3 button mice(hilms)
		ID module (hilid)
		[Serial mice connected to a `HIL to quad' converter are
		 also known to work]

	Apollo domain keyboards and mice (on 400 series) (dnkbd).


	Battery-backed real-time clock (except on 425e).
	Printers and plotters on RS232 and HP-IB (ppi).

Unsupported hardware mainly consists of:

    68010 and 68020 based systems: 310, 318, 319, 320, 330 and 350.
    425e built-in audio.
    parallel port on the 4xx models.
    362 and 382 built-in frame buffer.
    X-Genesis and Y-Genesis frame buffers.
    ISA slot on 4xx ``t'' models.
    EISA slots on 4xx ``s'' models.