dnl	$OpenBSD: hardware,v 1.42 2009/04/09 16:02:24 jsg Exp $
OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV runs on the following classes of HP9000 machines:
- PA7000-based
	705, 710, 720, 730, 750
- PA7100-based
	715/33, 715/50, 715/75
	725/50, 725/75
	735/100, 755/100
	742i, 745i, 747i
- PA7100LC-based
	715/64, 715/80, 715/100, 715/100XC
	725/64, 725/100
	743i, 748i
	Saic Galaxy 1100
- PA7150-based
	735/125, 755/125
- PA7200-based
	J200, J210, J210XC
	C100, C110
- PA7300LC-based
	A180, A180C
	B132L, B132L+, B160L, B180L+, C132L, C160L
	744, 745, 748
	RDI PrecisionBook
- PA8000-based (in 32-bit mode):
	C160, C180
- PA8200-based (in 32-bit mode):
	C200, C230, C240, J2240
- PA8500-based (in 32-bit mode):
	B1000, B2000, C360, C3000, J5000, J7000
- PA8600-based (in 32-bit mode):
	B2600, C3600, J5600, J6000, J7600
- PA8700-based (in 32-bit mode):
	C3650, C3700, C3750, J6700, J6750

A minimum of 16MB of RAM is required.

Supported devices {:-include-:}:
- Ethernet Controllers
	built-in Intel 82596 (ie)
	Intel/DEC 21443 "Tulip" clones (dc)
	Novell NE1000, NE2000 (not bootable)
	Intel i8255x-based (fxp) (not bootable), including:
		Intel EtherExpress PRO/10+
		Intel EtherExpress PRO/100, PRO/100B, and PRO/100+
		Intel EtherExpress PRO/100+ "Management Adapter"
		Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Dual Port
		Intel PRO/100 VE, PRO/100 VM, and PRO/100 S
	3Com 3c9xx EtherLink XL adapters (xl), including:
		3Com 3c900/3c900B PCI adapters
		3Com 3c905/3c905B/3c905C PCI adapters
		3Com 3c980/3c980C server adapters
		3Com 3cSOHO adapter
		3Com 3c900B-FL and 3c900B-FL/FX fiber optic adapters
		3Com 3c555/3c556/3c556B MiniPCI adapters
	Broadcom BCM570x (Tigon3) based PCI adapters, including:
		3Com 3c996-T
		3Com 3c996-SX
		3Com 3c996B-T
		HP ProLiant NC7770 PCI-X Gigabit NIC
		Netgear GA302T
		SysKonnect SK-9D21
		SysKonnect SK-9D41
	Realtek 8129/8139 based PCI Ethernet adapters (rl), including:
		Accton MPX 5030/5038
		Allied Telesyn AT2550
		Corega FEther CB-TXD 10/100 Ethernet 
		D-Link DFE530TX+, DFE538TX
		Encore ENL832-TX-RENT 10/100 M PCI
		Genius GF100TXR
		KTX-9130TX 10/100 Fast Ethernet
		Longshine LCS-8038TX-R
		Netgear FA311 v2
		Netronix EA-1210 Net Ether 10/100
		Nortel BayStack 21
		OvisLink LEF-8129TX, LEF-8139TX
		SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI 1211-TX
		TRENDnet TE100-PCBUSR CardBus 
	SysKonnect and Marvell based adapters (not bootable), including:
		SysKonnect SK-9821 (1000baseT)
		SysKonnect SK-9822 (dual 1000baseT)
		SysKonnect SK-9841 (1000baseLX)
		SysKonnect SK-9842 (dual 1000baseLX)
		SysKonnect SK-9843 (1000baseSX)
		SysKonnect SK-9844 (dual 1000baseSX)
		SysKonnect SK-9521 v2.0 (1000baseT 32-bit)
		SysKonnect SK-9821 v2.0 (1000baseT)
		SysKonnect SK-9843 v2.0 (1000baseSX)
		3Com 3c940 (1000baseT)
		D-Link DGE-530T (1000baseT)
		Linksys EG1032v2 (1000baseT)
		Linksys EG1064v2 (1000baseT)
		SMC 9452TX (1000baseT)
- SCSI controllers
	built-in 53C700 SCSI (oosiop)
	built-in 53C710 SCSI (osiop)
	53C720/53C8xx-based SCSI (siop)
	Adaptec AIC-7770, AIC-7850, AIC-7860, AIC-7870, AIC-7880,
	    AIC-7890, AIC-7891, AIC-7892, AIC-7895, AIC-7896, AIC-7897
	    and AIC-7899 based host adapters (ahc) (not bootable), including:
		AHA-2910, AHA-2915 
		AHA-2940[J,N,U,AU,UW,UW Dual,UW Pro,U2W,U2B]
- SGC/GSC graphics
	Artist (as found on 712) (sti)
	CRX-8, CRX-24, HCRX-8, HCRX-24 (sti)
- RS-232 devices
	on-board NS16550 or similar serial ports (com)
- Parallel ports
	on-board parallel port (lpt)
- Audio devices
	Harmony CS4215/AD1849 LASI audio (harmony)
- Input devices
	PS/2 keyboard (pckbd) and mouse (pms)
	HIL keyboard (hilkbd), mouse and tablets (hilms)
- Wireless Ethernet Adapters
	Aironet Communications 4500/4800 IEEE 802.11FH/b PCMCIA adapters
	Atmel AT76C50x IEEE 802.11b USB adapters
	Ralink Technology IEEE 802.11b/g USB adapters
	Ralink Technology USB IEEE 802.11a/b/g USB adapters
	Ralink Technology USB IEEE 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N USB adapters
	WaveLAN/IEEE, PRISM 2-3, and Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11b Compact Flash
	    adapters (will be detected as PCMCIA adapters)
	WaveLAN/IEEE, PRISM 2-3, and Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11b PCMCIA adapters
	WaveLAN/IEEE, PRISM 2-3, and Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11b USB adapters
- PC Cards (PCMCIA and CardBus)
	ATA cards, including:
	    ATA/IDE card drives
	    ATA/IDE CD-ROM adapters
	    CF/ATA flash cards and disk drives
	Ethernet adapters, including:
	    NE2000-based, including:
		Accton EN2212, EN2216
		Allied Telesis LA-PCM
		AmbiCom AMB8002T
		Arowana FE
		Belkin F5D5020
		Billionton Systems LNT-10TN
		CNet NE2000
		Compex Linkport ENET-B
		Corega PCC-T, PCC-TD, EtherII PCC-T,
		Corega FastEther PCC-T, FastEther PCC-TX
		Corega FastEther PCC-TXD, FastEther PCC-TXF
		D-Link DE-650, DE-660, DE-660+, DFE-670TXD
		Dayna CommuniCard E
		Digital DEPCM-XX
		Dual NE2000
		Edimax NE2000
		Genius ME 3000II SE
		Grey Cell GCS2000 Gold II
		GVC NIC-2000p, NP0335
		Hawking PN650TX
		Kingston KNE-PC2
		Linksys PCMPC100, EC2T Combo, EthernetCard
		Linksys Combo EthernetCard, Trust Combo EthernetCard
		Linksys Etherfast 10/100
		Melco LPC3-TX
		National Semiconductor InfoMover
		NDC Instant-Link
		Netgear FA410TX, FA410TXC, FA411
		Network Everywhere NP10T
		New Media LiveWire 10/100
		Planet SmartCom 2000
		Planex FNW-3600-T, FNW-3700-T
		Premax PE-200
		RPTI EP-400, EP-401
		Seiko Epson EN10B
		SMC EZCard, 8041
		Socket Communications LP-CF, LP-E
		SVEC PN650TX, ComboCard, LANCard
		Synergy S21810
		Tamarack NE2000
		Telecom Device TCD-HPC100
		Wisecom T210CT, iPort
		Xircom CFE-10
- Universal Serial Bus (USB) Devices
		USB Generic Human Interface Devices (catch-all)
		USB Hubs
		USB Keyboards
		USB Mass Storage devices, i.e., USB floppy drives and
		  USB memory stick controllers
		USB Mice
- Miscellaneous devices:
	battery-backed real time clock
	``soft'' power button as available on some models (power)
	LCD display available on some models (lcd)

If your hardware is not listed above, there is currently no support for it
in this release.