dnl	$OpenBSD: prep,v 1.5 2009/02/01 15:36:16 simon Exp $

The MACHINE computers do not generally need any specific preparation.

You might want to check that the console ``path'' in the PDC firmware
points to the device you plan to use, and change it if necessary. Most
MACHINE machines will allow to select console path from the BOOT_ADMIN>
prompt. To reach this prompt, abort the autoboot process and if a menu
appears, enter ``a'' to select the "Boot Administration mode."

To select the first serial port as console, type:

	BOOT_ADMIN> path console rs232_a.9600.8.none

or to select graphics as console:

	BOOT_ADMIN> path console graphics
	BOOT_ADMIN> path keyboard hil
	BOOT_ADMIN> path console graphics
	BOOT_ADMIN> path keyboard ps2

depending upon your keyboard type.

On a few models, such as the 9000/712, the PDC firmware will not allow
the console path to be changed. In this case, it is possible to change
it from the OpenBSD boot loader. After booting OpenBSD in interactive
mode (for example, if booting over the network, by entering ``boot lan
isl''), enter the following at the ``boot>'' prompt:

	boot> machine console rs232.9600.8.none

dnl I hope I'll never write ``been there, done that'' here. Rest
dnl assured I have added a lot of safeguards in this console code
dnl to prevent people from rendering their 712s unusable.
dnl At least mine is still alive, and I have played a lot with its
dnl console path... -- miod
   Make sure to type the console path correctly or the 9000/712 can
   become unusable, and will require a special ``dagger'' board to
   be revived.

After changing the console path, the machine has to be power cycled
for the changes to take effect.

In most cases the primary boot device path is already set to the right
value. If not, it is advised to run:

	BOOT_ADMIN> search

to display the list of all bootable devices before choosing one with:


Substitute FWSCSI or SESCSI for SCSI if it is displayed as such in the
path list obtained from ``search'', and use the TARGET and LUN values
matching the device intended as the boot device.

To set up autoboot, use the configure option:

	BOOT_ADMIN> co auto boot on

or if your machine has the old style PDC interface:

	BOOT_ADMIN> autoselect on

Please refer to the boot(8) manual page for more information on PDC
settings and boot commands.