dnl	$OpenBSD: upgrade,v 1.7 2009/05/17 00:31:51 sthen Exp $
dnl Replace with this (removing the mention about the bootblocks update)
dnl for 4.5 or 4.6, maybe...
Warning! Upgrades to OpenBSD OSREV are currently only supported from the
immediately previous release.  The upgrade process will also work with older
releases, but might not execute some migration tasks that would be necessary
for a proper upgrade.  The best solution, whenever possible, is to backup
your data and reinstall from scratch.

To upgrade OpenBSD OSREV from a previous version, start with the general
instructions in the section "Installing OpenBSD".

dnl For 4.5, alter this text to mention this is needed for bootblocks
dnl older than 4.4.
Warning! If you intend to upgrade by booting bsd.rd from the existing
OpenBSD system disk, it will be necessary to update your boot blocks first.
To do this, replace your existing boot blocks with the xxboot file provided
in the OpenBSD/MACHINE OSrev distribution:

  # cat xxboot > /usr/mdec/xxboot
  # /sbin/disklabel -B /dev/rsd0c

(assuming your system disk is sd0). Do NOT use `cp' to copy the boot blocks,
as there are several hard links to /usr/mdec/xxboot which need to be
preserved for this operation to succeed.

Boot from the LIF image ``lif{:--:}OSrev.fs'', or a RAMDISK kernel ``bsd.rd''.
When prompted, select the (U)pgrade option rather than the (I)nstall
option at the prompt in the install process.

The upgrade script will ask you for the existing root partition, and
will use the existing filesystems defined in /etc/fstab to install the
new system in.  It will also use your existing network parameters.

From then, the upgrade procedure is very close to the installation
procedure described earlier in this document.  Note that the upgrade
procedure will not let you pick the ``etc{:--:}OSrev.tgz'' set, so as to
preserve your files in `/etc' which you are likely to have customized
since a previous installation.

However, it is strongly advised that you unpack the etc{:--:}OSrev.tgz set in
a temporary directory and merge changes by hand, since some components of
your system may not function correctly until your files in `/etc' are