dnl	$OpenBSD: prep,v 1.4 2005/03/31 13:59:46 aoyama Exp $

Luna-88K do not require any specific preparation prior to the OpenBSD
installation. However, you might want to get familiar with the PROM
interface, in order to be able to boot the installation media and, later,
specify the correct boot parameters.

The first set of DIP switches in the front panel (DIP SW1) is used to
select the machine behaviour upon powerup, as well as the preferred
console device.

The meaning of these switches will depend upon your particular machine.
On the Luna-88k, the 'down' position is 'on', and the 'up' position is
'off', while the Luna-88k2 uses the opposite convention (i.e. 'up' is 'on'
and 'down' is 'off').

If the leftmost switch in SW1, #1, is in the 'off' position, the system will
auto-boot from the boot device saved in NVRAM. Otherwise, the boot process
will stop at the PROM prompt.

The second switch in SW1, #2, selects the console device. When in the 'on'
position, it selects the serial console port as the console; otherwise,
the graphics display and keyboard are used as the console.

While the Luna-88K2 uses ``standard'' serial ports, the earlier Luna-88K
have a specific connector. Wiring information for this connector can be
found at the following URL:
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dnl and also document NVRAM?