dnl	$OpenBSD: hardware,v 1.26 2005/09/18 23:42:03 martin Exp $
OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV runs on several of the older Macintosh computers.
8MB of RAM should be sufficient to boot and a minimal system can probably
be squeezed onto a 120MB partition by installing just the minimum sets.
To actually do much compiling or anything more interesting than
booting, more RAM and disk space is highly recommended. About 250MB will be
necessary to install all of the OpenBSD OSREV binary distribution (note that
this does not count swap space!).

A Mac OS partition is also required to install OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV and boot
it, see below.

OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV runs on most 680x0 Macintosh's.  Specifically, it
should work on:
	* 68020 with 68851 PMMU and 68881 FPU
	* 68030 with 68882 FPU (many Macs do not have this)
	* 68040 (not including the 68LC040)

The following Macintosh models are supported and tested.  This means that at
least the SCSI controller, serial console and on-board ethernet will function on
these models.  On some of these machines, a full 68040 CPU is required to
replace the default 68LC040 CPU.
	* LC family: LC 475, Performa 475, Performa 476
	* Centris family: 610, 650
	* Quadra family: 605, 610, 630, 650, 660AV, 700, 800, 840AV, 900, 950

Supported devices:
	* Internal SCSI controllers and peripherals:
		- Quadra/Centris series' onboard NCR 53c96 SCSI controller
		- Macintosh II-series', Performa, and LC-series' onboard NCR
		  5380 SCSI controller (ncrscsi, sbc).
		- SCSI disk drives (sd).
		- SCSI cdrom drives (cd).
		- Autochangers (ch).
		- Tape drives (st). 
	* Internal sound (asc).
	* NuBus internal expansion bus (nubus).
	* Most NuBus video cards.
	* Both internal serial ports (zsc).
	* ADB keyboards and mice (adb) (except on the IIfx, Quadra 900 and 950).
	* Ethernet cards based on the Natl. Semiconductor 8390 (Asante, Apple,
	  and a few others) (ae).
	* Quadra/Centris AV series' onboard MACE ethernet (mc).
	* Some ethernet cards based on the SONIC chip including internal
	  Ethernet on many of Apple's non-AV Quadras/Centrises (sn).

Untested systems:
	The following Macintosh models are untested and/or lack support for
	  major subsystems.  It is very likely that many of these system don't
	  work at all.
	* Classic family: Color Classic, Classic II
	* Macintosh II family: Mac II, IIx, IIcx, IIci, IIsi, IIfx, IIvi, IIvx,
	  Performa 600
	* LC family: LC, LC II, LC III, LC III+, Performa 400-430,
	  Performa 450, Performa 460
	* 500 family: 520, 550, 575, 580, Mac TV 

OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV does NOT run on these machines:
	* PowerPC-based Macs.  Newer Mac PPC systems are supported by the
	  OpenBSD/macppc port.
	* Powerbook family.  Hardware capabilities limit the usability of these
	* Machines based on the 68LC040 processor.  Unfortunately, the chip
	  itself contains a major bug for which there is no software workaround
	  available in OpenBSD.

Hardware that we do NOT currently support, but get many questions about:
	* Apple Communication Slot (CS) Ethernet cards.
	* Floppy drive.
	* IOP ADB subsystem on the IIfx, Quadra 900 and 950.
	* IDE drives.