dnl	$OpenBSD: hardware,v 1.100 2009/04/09 16:02:24 jsg Exp $
OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV runs on iMac, G4 Power Macintosh, and G4 Cube, as well
as PowerBook and iBook machines.

Machines with older firmware: 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, and 9xxx machines are
not supported.  PowerMac G3 Beige status is unknown.

OpenBSD/MACHINE has been tested on iMac Revs A-C as well as on iMac DV(+)
machines, Power Macintosh G4 systems (single and dual processor), as well as
the G4 Cube, B&W G3, LCD iMac, Mac mini, iMac G5, PowerMac G5 and Xserve G5.

For portables, PowerBook G3, PowerBook G4 (12", 15", 17"), iBook, iBook2
and iBook G4 have been tested.  Note that power saving features on portables
are very limited, limited power management features are available,
suspend/sleep is not supported.  However battery level and status charging/AC
connected/AC disconnected is supported via an APM emulation layer.

Supported devices {:-include-:}:

	IDE hard disk controllers
		Onboard controllers (wdc_obio)
		Onboard ATA100 controllers (kauaiata)
		PCI controllers (pciide)

	SCSI host adapters
		Adaptec AIC-7770, AIC-7850, AIC-7860, AIC-7870, AIC-7880,
		AIC-7890, AIC-7891, AIC-7892, AIC-7895, AIC-7896, AIC-7897
		and AIC-7899 based host adapters (ahc), including the
		Adaptec cards
			AHA-2910, AHA-2915
			AHA-2940[J,N,U,AU,UW,UW Dual,UW Pro,U2W,U2B]
		Symbios Logic (NCR) 53C8xx-based PCI SCSI host adapters
		    (53c810 and 53c825) (siop)
		AMD Am53c974 PCscsi-PCI host adapters including the Tekram
		    DC-390 (pcscp)
		QLogic PCI SCSI controllers (isp)

	RAID controllers
		Adaptec SCSI RAID (I2O) controllers (ASR-2100S, ASR-3200S,
		    etc) (iop)

	AGP/SVGA/VGA Display Adapters
		Primary Open Firmware display only
		The following cards will run an accelerated X server:
		- ATI Mach64 GP
		- ATI Mach64 GV
		- ATI Mach64 128 PK
		- ATI Mach64 128 VR AGP
		- ATI Rage 128 Mobility M3
		- ATI Rage Fury AGP4x
		- ATI Radeon Mobility M7
		- ATI Radeon Mobility 9200 (M9+)
		- NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go 64M

	Serial ports
		Built-in Zilog 8530-based serial ports (zs)
		Internal non-USB modems.
		Most modems, digital cellular modems, and serial
		cards attached through PC-Cards should work (com)

	Ethernet adapters
		Onboard Older iMac 10-100Mbs (bm) Ethernet
		Onboard G4/PowerBook/Newer iMac (gem) Ethernet
		3Com 3c9xx EtherLink XL adapters (xl), including:
			3Com 3c900/3c900B PCI adapters
			3Com 3c905/3c905B/3c905C PCI adapters
			3Com 3c980/3c980C server adapters
			3Com 3cSOHO adapter
			3Com 3c900B-FL and 3c900B-FL/FX fiber optic adapters
			3Com 3c555/3c556/3c556B MiniPCI adapters
		ADMtek AN986-based USB adapters (aue), including:
			3Com 3c460b
			Abocom UFE1000
			Abocom DSB650TX
			Accton USB320-EC
			Accton SpeedStream Ethernet
			Admtek Pegasus
			Admtek Pegasus II
			AEI USB Fast Ethernet
			Allied Telesyn AT-USB100
			ATEN UC-110T
			Belkin USB to LAN
			Billionton Systems USB100
			Billionton Systems USB100EL
			Billionton Systems USB100LP
			Billionton Systems USBE100
			Corega FEther USB-TX
			Corega FEther USB-TXS
			D-Link DSB-650
			D-Link DSB-650TX
			D-Link DSB-650TX-PNA
			ELCON Systemtechnik Goldpfeil P-LAN
			Elecom LD-USB/TX
			Elecom LD-USBL/TX
			Elsa Microlink USB2Ethernet
			Hawking UF100
			HP HN210E
			Kingston KNU101TX
			Laneed LD-USBL/TX
			Linksys USB100TX
			Linksys USB100H1
			Linksys USB10T
			Linksys USB10TA
			Linksys USB10TX
			Melco Inc. LUA-TX
			Melco Inc. LUA2-TX
			Microsoft MN110
			Mobility EasiDock Ethernet
			Netgear FA101
			Omnidirectional Control Technology USB TO Ethernet
			Siemens SpeedStream USB
			Smartbridges smartNIC 2
			SMC 2202USB/ETH
			SMC 2206USB/ETH
			SOHOware NUB100
			SOHOware NUB110
		Alteon Tigon I/II PCI Gigabit Ethernet boards (ti), including:
			3Com 3c985 and 3c985B
			Alteon ACEnic V (fiber and copper)
			Digital EtherWORKS 1000SX
			Farallon PN9000SX
			Netgear GA620 and GA620T
			SGI Tigon
		ASIX Electronics AX88172/AX88178/AX88772 USB Ethernet adapters
		(axe), including:
			ATEN UC210T
			BAFO BF-320
			Billionton Systems USB2AR
			Buffalo(MELCO) LUA-U2-KTX
			Corega FEther USB2-TX
			D-Link DUB-E100
			Good Way GWUSB2E
			Hawking UF200
			Intellinet USB 2.0 to Ethernet (rev A)
			IO-Data ETG-US2
			Level One USB-0200
			Linksys USB200M
			Netgear FA120
			Nintendo Wii USB Lan Ethernet Adapter RVL-015
			OQO model 01+ Ethernet
			Sitecom LN-029
			SMC 2209USB/ETH
			SnapPort USB 2.0 LAN Adapter
			ST Lab USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet
			Surecom EP-1427X-2
			System TALKS SGC-X2UL
			TRENDnet TU2-ET100
			Z-TEK ZK-R01-2
		Broadcom BCM570x (Tigon3) based PCI adapters (bge), including:
			3Com 3c996-T
			3Com 3c996-SX
			3Com 3c996B-T
			Netgear GA302T
			SysKonnect SK-9D21
			SysKonnect SK-9D41
		CATC USB-EL1210A-based USB adapters (cue), including:
			Belkin F5U111
			CATC Netmate
			CATC Netmate II
			SmartBridges SmartLink
		Davicom DM9601 USB Ethernet adapters (udav), including:
			Corega FEther USB-TXC 
			HenTong WK-668
			ShanTou ST268
		Digital DC21x4x-based PCI Ethernet adapters (de), including:
			Znyx ZX34X
		Digital DC21x43 clone-based PCI Ethernet adapters (dc)
		HME PCI Fast Ethernet (hme)
		HME PCI Quad Fast Ethernet (hme)
		Intel 21145-based PCI Ethernet adapters (dc)
		Intel i8255x-based (except the i82556) PCI adapters (fxp),
			Intel EtherExpress PRO/10+
			Intel EtherExpress PRO/100, PRO/100B, and PRO/100+
			Intel EtherExpress PRO/100+ "Management Adapter"
			Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Dual Port
			Intel PRO/100 VE, PRO/100 VM, and PRO/100 S

		Intel i82540, i82541, i82542, i82543, i82544, i82545, i82546,
		i82547, i82571, i82572 and i82573 based adapters (em), including:
		    HP ProLiant NC310F PCI-X Gigabit NIC (SX Fiber)
		    HP ProLiant NC340T PCI-X Gigabit NIC
		    HP ProLiant NC360T PCI Express Dual Port Gigabit NIC
		    HP ProLiant NC6132 Upgrade Module (SX Fiber)
		    HP ProLiant NC6133 Upgrade Module (LX Fiber)
		    HP ProLiant NC6134 PCI Gigabit NIC (SX Fiber)
		    HP ProLiant NC6136 PCI Gigabit NIC (SX Fiber)
		    HP ProLiant NC6170 PCI-X Gigabit NIC (SX Fiber)
		    HP ProLiant NC7131 PCI Gigabit NIC
		    HP ProLiant NC7132 Upgrade Module
		    HP ProLiant NC7170 PCI-X Dual Port Gigabit NIC
		    HP ProLiant NC7170LP PCI-X Dual Port Gigabit NIC
		    Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter (SX Fiber)
		    Intel PRO/1000F Gigabit Server Adapter (SX Fiber)
		    Intel PRO/1000T Server Adapter (PWLA8490T)
		    Intel PRO/1000XT Server Adapter (PWLA8490XT)
		    Intel PRO/1000XS Server Adapter (SX Fiber) (PWLA8490XF)
		    Intel PRO/1000T Desktop Adapter (PWLA8390T)
		    Intel PRO/1000XTL Lo Profile PCI Server (PWLA8490XTL)
		    Intel PRO/1000MT Desktop Adapter (PWLA8390MT)
		    Intel PRO/1000MT Server Adapter (PWLA8490MT)
		    Intel PRO/1000MT Dual Port Server Adapter (PWLA8492MT)
		    Intel PRO/1000MF Server Adapter (SX Fiber) (PWLA8490MF)
		    Intel PRO/1000MF Dual Port Server Adapter (SX Fiber)
		    Intel PRO/1000MF Server Adapter (LX Fiber) (PWLA8490LX)
		    Intel PRO/1000MT Quad PCI-X Adapter (PWLA8494MT)
		    Intel PRO/1000GT Quad PCI-X Adapter (PWLA8494GT)
		    Intel PRO/1000PT Desktop Adapter
		    Intel PRO/1000PT Server Adapter
		    Intel PRO/1000PT Dual Port Server Adapter
		    Intel PRO/1000PT Quad Port Server Adapter
		    Intel PRO/1000PF Server Adapter (SX Fiber)
		    Intel PRO/1000PF Dual Port Server Adapter (SX Fiber)
		Kawasaki LSI KL5KUSB101B-based USB adapters (kue), including:
			3Com 3c19250
			3Com 3c460 HomeConnect
			AboCom Systems URE450 Ethernet
			ADS Technologies USB-10BT
			Aox USB101
			Asante USB to Ethernet
			ATen DSB-650C
			ATen UC10T
			Corega USB-T
			D-Link DSB-650C
			Entrega NET-USB-E45
			I/O Data USB-ET/T
			Jaton USB XpressNet
			Kawasaki USB101
			Kingston Ethernet
			Linksys USB10T
			Mobility Ethernet
			Netgear EA101
			Peracom USB
			Portgear Ethernet
			Portsmith Express Ethernet
			Psion Dacom Gold Port Ethernet
			Shark Pocket Adapter
			Silicom U2E
			SMC 2102USB
			SMC 2104USB
		Realtek RTL8150L based USB adapters (url), including:
			Abocom RTL8151
			BAFO BF-310
			Billionton USBKR-100
			Compex UE202-B
			GreenHouse GH-USB100B
			GreenHouse GH-USB100B with HomePNA
			Hawking Technology HUF11
			Linksys USB100M
			Longshine LCS-8138TX
			Melco Inc. LUA-KTX
			Micronet SP128AR
			NetComm NP1010
			Repotec RP-USB100-A
			SMC 2208USB/ETH
			TRENDnet TU-ET100C
			Zt USB10/100
			Z-TEK ZK-R02
		RealTek 8129/8139-based adapters (rl), including:
			Accton MPX 5030/5038
			Allied Telesyn AT2550
			D-Link DFE530TX+
			D-Link DFE538TX
			Encore ENL832-TX-RENT 10/100 M PCI
			Genius GF100TXR
			KTX-9130TX 10/100 Fast Ethernet
			Longshine LCS-8038TX-R
			NDC NE100TX-E
			Netgear FA311 v2
			Netronix EA-1210 Net Ether 10/100
			Nortel BayStack 21
			OvisLink LEF-8129TX, LEF-8139TX
			SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI 1211-TX
		Realtek 8169/8169S/8110S based PCI adapters, including:
			Buffalo LGY-PCI-GT (8169S)
			Corega CG-LAPCIGT (8169S)
			D-Link DGE-528T (8169S)
			Gigabyte 7N400 Pro2 Integrated Gigabit Ethernet (8110S) 
			LevelOne GNC-0105T (8169S)
			Linksys EG1032v3 (8169S)
			Netgear GA311 (8169S)
			Netgear GA511 PC Card (8169)
			Surecom EP-320G-TX1 (8169S)
			US Robotics USR997902 (8169S)
			Xterasys XN-152 10/100/1000 NIC (8169)
		VIA Networking VT6122 based PCI adapters, including:
			ZyXEL GN650-T 64-bit PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (ZX1701)
			ZyXEL GN670-T 32-bit PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (ZX1702)
		VIA Rhine/RhineII/RhineIII Ethernet adapters, including:
			Addtron AEF-360TX
			Hawking PN102TX
			D-Link DFE530TX
		AMD PCnet-based PCI adapters (pcn), including:
			AT&T StarLAN 10, EN100, and StarLAN Fiber

	Wireless Ethernet Adapters
		ADMtek ADM8211 IEEE 802.11b PCI adapters
		Aironet Communications 4500/4800 IEEE 802.11FH/b PCI and PCMCIA
		Atmel AT76C50x IEEE 802.11b USB adapters
		Broadcom AirForce IEEE 802.11b/g PCI/CardBus adapters
		Broadcom AirForce IEEE 802.11b/g PCI adapters
		Marvell Libertas IEEE 802.11b/g PCI/CardBus adapters
		Marvell Libertas IEEE 802.11b/g Compact Flash adapters (will be
		    detected as PCMCIA adapters)
		Ralink Technology IEEE 802.11a/b/g PCI adapters
		Ralink Technology IEEE 802.11b/g USB adapters
		Ralink Technology USB IEEE 802.11a/b/g USB adapters
		Ralink Technology USB IEEE 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N USB adapters
		Realtek RTL8180L IEEE 802.11b CardBus adapters
		TI ACX100/ACX111 IEEE 802.11a/b/g CardBus adapters
		TI ACX100/ACX111 IEEE 802.11a/b/g PCI adapters
		WaveLAN/IEEE, PRISM 2-3, and Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11b Compact
		    Flash adapters (will be detected as PCMCIA adapters)
		WaveLAN/IEEE, PRISM 2-3, and Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11b PCI
		WaveLAN/IEEE, PRISM 2-3, and Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11b PCMCIA
		WaveLAN/IEEE, PRISM 2-3, and Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11b USB

	Tape drives
		SCSI Tape drives (st)

	CD-ROM drives (cd)
		SCSI CD-ROM drives
		SCSI CD-RW drives
		Atapi CD-ROM drives
		Atapi DVD-ROM drives
		Atapi DVD-RAM drives (read-only)
		Atapi DVD-RW drives (read-only?)
		Atapi CD-RW drives

		ADB (akbd) and USB (ukbd) keyboards

		USB Mice (ums)
		ADB trackpads (ams)

	Sound Cards
		AWACS audio (awacs)
		Ensoniq AudioPCI (eap)
		Snapper audio found on recent iBook (since May02) and
		    PowerBook (since Apr02) models (need to verify
		    iMac (Jan 02) and Power Mac G4 (Sep 02)) (snapper)
		USB audio (uaudio)

	Radio Receiver Devices
		Brooktree 848/849/878/879-based TV tuner (bktr)

		USB Hubs
		USB printers (ulpt)
		USB Zip drives (umass)
		Brooktree 8[47][89] based frame grabber and TV tuner cards,
		including (bktr):
			Animation Technologies FlyVideo
			AOpen VA1000
			Askey/Dynalink Magic TView
			ATI TV-Wonder and Wonder/VE
			AverMedia cards
			Hauppauge Wincast TV and WinTV/PCI
			IMS TV Turbo
			Intel Smart Video Recorder III
			Leadtek Winfast TV 2000
			Leadtek Winfast TV 2000 XP
			Miro PC TV
			MMAC Osprey
			NEC PK-UG-X017
			STB TV PCI Television Tuner
			Terratec TerraTVplus
			Video Highway XTreme
			VideoLogic Captivator PCI
			Zoltrix TV and Genie TV/FM
		Hardware monitoring sensors, including:
			Analog Devices AD7416, AD7417 and AD7418 (adc)
			Analog Devices ADM1030 (admtmp)
			Analog Devices ADT7460 (adt)
			Apple Fan Control Unit (fcu)
			Apple Sudden Motion Sensor (asms)
			National Semiconductor LM75, LM77 (lmtemp)
			National Semiconductor LM87 (lmenv)
			Maxim DS1624/DS1631/DS1721 (maxds)
			Maxim MAX6642/MAX6690 (maxtmp)
			TAOS TSL2560/61 light sensor (tsl)
		Hardware watchdog timer support
			Quancom PWDOG1 (pwdog)
		Meinberg Funkuhren radio clocks, including:
			GPS170PCI 3.3V/5V 6-channel GPS receiver card
			PCI32 5V DCF77 time signal station receiver card
			PCI509 5V DCF77 time signal station receiver card
			PCI511 3.3V/5V DCF77 time signal station receiver card
			USB5131 USB attached DCF77 radio clock

	Cryptography Accelerators
		Hifn 6500 (lofn)
		Hifn 7751/7811/7951/7955/7956/9751 (hifn)
		Bluesteelnet 5501/5601 (ubsec)
		Broadcom 5801/5802/5805/5820/5821/5822/5823 (ubsec)
		SafeNet SafeXcel 1141/1741 (safe)

The following devices are not supported currently:
	- built-in Texas Instrument TSB12LV23 firewire (IEEE1394) ports
	- built-in USB modems