dnl	$OpenBSD: mirrors,v 1.69 2007/08/20 15:28:03 grunk Exp $
This is a list of currently known FTP servers at the time of the OSREV release.
For a more recent list, please refer to

Main server in Canada: (Alberta)

2nd level mirrors: (Vienna) (Erlangen) (Stockholm) (Redwood City, CA) (Boulder, CO) (Lake in the Hills, IL)

Argentina: (Buenos Aires)

Australia: (Perth)

Austria: (Vienna)

Belgium: (Brussels) (Brussels)

Brazil: (Florianopolis, Santa Catarina)

Bulgaria: (Plovdiv)

Canada: (Calgary) (Edmonton) (Quebec)

China: (Shanghai)

Denmark: (Aalborg) (Copenhagen)

Estonia: (Tallinn)

Finland: (Espoo) (Jyvaskyla)

France: (Paris) (Paris) (Rennes)

Germany: (Berlin) (Berlin) (Duesseldorf) (Esslingen) (Nuremberg) (Oldenburg)

Greece: (Athens) (Thessaloniki) (Thrace) (Heraklion)

Hungary: (Budapest)

Ireland: (Dublin) (Dublin)

Israel: (Petach Tiqwa)

Italy: (Napoli)

Japan: (Ishikawa) (Nara) (Tokyo) (Tokyo)

Korea: (Daejeon)

Latvia: (Riga) (Riga)

The Netherlands: (Amsterdam) (Utrecht) (Amsterdam)

Norway: (Oslo) (Oslo) (Trondheim)

Poland: (Gdansk)

Portugal: (Coimbra)

Russia: (Chernogolovka-Moscow) (Moscow)

Slovenia: (Ljubljana)

Spain: (Madrid) (A Coruna)

Sweden: (Stockholm) (Stockholm)

Switzerland: (Zurich)

Turkey: (Istanbul)

Ukraine: (Kiev)

United Kingdom: (London) (Kent)

USA: (Chicago, IL) (West Lafayette, IN) (Albuquerque, NM) (Buffalo, NY) (New York, NY) (Pittsburgh, PA) (PA) (Madison, WI)

Additionally, the file
contains a list which is continually updated.  If you wish to become a
distribution site for OpenBSD, contact <>.