The first edition of Unix was developed for the PDP-11/20 at Bell Labs by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and others. It provided a process-oriented multitasking environment with a hierachical filesystem for about two or three users.

The code here is only the source to the First Edition Unix kernel, which came from a document entitled Preliminary Release of Unix Implementation. Al Kossow from the Computer History Museum unearthed a paper copy of the document, scanned it in and donated it.

The manual pages come from the paper manuals which were OCR'd by Dennis Ritchie.

For more information about First Edition Unix, see The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System by Dennis Ritchie.

init.s 3922 1971-11-03
man dir
sh.s 10255 1971-11-03
u0.s 12487 1971-11-03
u1.s 18898 1971-11-03
u2.s 18338 1971-11-03
u3.s 7037 1971-11-03
u4.s 12873 1971-11-03
u5.s 9448 1971-11-03
u6.s 9819 1971-11-03
u7.s 16293 1971-11-03
u8.s 17257 1971-11-03
u9.s 10784 1971-11-03
ux.s 1421 1971-11-03