The third edition of Unix was the last version with a kernel still written in assembly code, but is the first version to include pipes. For much of 1973, the existing Third Edition was maintained and improved, while the kernel was rewritten in C to become the Fourth Edition of Unix.

For the Third Edition of Unix we only have part of the C compiler, and the manual pages. Dennis Ritchie describes this version of the C compiler as follows:

"prestruct-c" is a copy of the compiler just before I started changing it to use structures itself. ... [It] implements structures in a way that begins to approach their current meaning. Their declaration syntax seems to use () instead of {}, but . and -> for specifying members of a structure itself and members of a pointed-to structure are both there.

The files in man/ came from v3man.tar.gz, which was donated by Dennis Ritchie.

The files in c/ came from prestructc.tar.gz, which was donated by Dennis Ritchie.

For more information about Third Edition Unix, see The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System by Dennis Ritchie.

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