.tr |
.bl 1
.ta 30
.tc .


: 	 place label
ar 	 archive (combine) files
as 	 assembler
bas 	 BASIC dialect
cat 	 concatenate (or print) files
cc 	 compile C program
cdb 	 C debugger
chdir 	 change working directory
chmod 	 change access mode of files
chown 	 change owner of files
cmp 	 compare file contents
cp 	 copy file
cref 	 cross reference table
crypt 	 encrypt, decrypt a file
date 	 get date and time of day
db 	 symbolic debugger
dc 	 desk calculator
df 	 find free disk space
dsw 	 delete files interactively
du 	 find disk usage
echo 	 print command arguments
ed 	 text editor
exit 	 end command sequence
factor 	 factor a number
fc 	 compile Fortran program
fed 	 form letter editor
form 	 generate form letter
forml 	 generate form letters
goto 	 command transfer
hyphen 	 find hyphenated words
if 	 conditional command
ld 	 link editor (loader)
ln 	 link to file
login 	 log on to system
ls 	 list contents of directory
m6 	 macroprocessor
mail 	 send mail to another user
man 	 run off manual section
mesg 	 permit or deny messages
mkdir 	 create directory
mt 	 save, restore files on magtape
mv 	 move or rename file
nm 	 print namelist
nroff 	 format text for printing
od 	 octal dump of file
opr 	 print file off-line
ov 	 page overlay file print
passwd 	 set login password
pr 	 print file with headings
proof 	 compare text files
reloc 	 relocate object files
rew 	 rewind DECtape
rm 	 remove (delete) file
rmdir 	 remove (delete) directory
roff 	 format text for printing
sh 	 command interpreter
size 	 get executable program size
sno 	 compile Snobol program
sort 	 sort ASCII file
speak 	 send words to voice synthesizer
split 	 break a file into pieces
stat 	 get file status
strip 	 remove symbols, relocation bits
stty 	 set typewriter modes
sum 	 sum file
tap 	 save, restore files on DECtape
time 	 get time information
tmg 	 compile tmgl program
tss 	 communicate with MH-TSS (GCOS)
tty 	 find name of terminal
type 	 print file page-by-page
typo 	 find typographic errors
un 	 find undefined symbols
uniq 	 find duplicate lines in a file
vs 	 generate voice synthesizer phonemes
wc 	 get (English) word count
who 	 who is on the system
write 	 write to another user


boot 	 reboot the system
break 	 set program break
cemt 	 catch EMT traps
chdir 	 change working directory
chmod 	 change mode of file
chown 	 change owner of file
close 	 close open file
creat 	 create file
csw 	 read the console switches
dup 	 duplicate an open file
exec 	 execute program file
exit 	 terminate execution
fork 	 create new process
fpe 	 catch floating exception errors
fstat 	 status of open file
getuid 	 get user ID
gtty 	 get typewriter mode
ilgins 	 catch illegal instruction trap
intr 	 catch or inhibit interrupts
kill 	 destroy process
link 	 link to file
makdir 	 create directory
mdate 	 set date modified of file
mount 	 mount file system
nice 	 set low-priority status
open 	 open file
pipe 	 open inter process channel
quit 	 inhibit quits
read 	 read file
rele 	 release processor
seek 	 move read or write pointer
setuid 	 set user ID
sleep 	 delay execution
stat 	 get file status
stime 	 set system time
stty 	 set mode of typewriter
sync 	 assure synchronization
time 	 get time of year
times 	 get execution times
umount 	 dismount file system
unlink 	 remove (delete) file
wait 	 wait for process
write 	 write file


atan 	 arctangent
atof 	 convert ASCII to floating
atoi 	 convert ASCII to integer
compar 	 string compare for sort
crypt 	 encrypt according to a keyword
ctime 	 convert time to ASCII
ddsput 	 display character on Picturephone
ecvt 	 edited output conversion
exp 	 exponential function
ftoa 	 convert floating to ASCII
ftoo 	 convert floating to octal
gerts 	 communicate with GCOS
getc 	 get character
hypot 	 compute hypotenuse
itoa 	 convert integer to ASCII
log 	 logarithm base e
mesg 	 print string on typewriter
nlist 	 read name list
pow 	 take powers of numbers
ptime 	 print time
putc 	 write character or word
qsort 	 quicker sort
rand 	 pseudo random number generator
salloc 	 storage allocator
sin 	 sine, cosine
sqrt 	 square root
switch 	 transfer depending on value
ttyn 	 find teletype name


dc 	 remote typewriter
dn 	 801 ACU
dp 	 201 Dataphone
kl 	 console typewriter
mem 	 core memory
pc 	 punched paper tape
rf 	 RF disk
rk 	 RK disk
tc 	 DECtape
tm	 9-track magtape
vt 	 storage-tube display


a.out 	 assembler and loader output
archive 	 archive file
core 	 core image file
directory 	 directory format
file system 	 file system format
passwd 	 password file
tap 	 DECtape and magtape format
utmp 	 logged-in user information
wtmp 	 accounting files


bc 	 compile B program
bj 	 blackjack
ptx 	 permuted index
yacc 	 yet another compiler-compiler


ascii 	 map of ASCII
dpd 	 spawn dataphone daemon
getty 	 adapt to typewriter
glob 	 argument expander
greek 	 extended TTY 37 typebox map
init 	 initializer process
msh 	 mini Shell
tabs 	 set tab stops on typewriter
vsp 	 voice synthesizer phonemes


20boot 	 reboot 11/20 system
acct 	 get connect-time accounting
bproc 	 boot procedure
check 	 check consistency of file system
chk 	 check all file systems
clri 	 clear file's i-node
dcheck 	 verify directory hierarchy
dli 	 load DEC binary paper tapes
istat 	 file status by i-number
kill 	 terminate a process
mount 	 mount removable file system
ps 	 get process status
salv 	 repair damaged file system
su 	 become super-user
swtmp 	 truncate accounting files
tm 	 get system time information
umount 	 dismount removable file system
.bl 1

.ta 9 17 25 33 41 49 57
.nx index