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.pa 1
.he 'NROFF (I)'1/15/73'NROFF (I)'
.ti 0
NAME		nroff  --  format text
.ti 0
SYNOPSIS	nroff_____ [+_N] [-s__] [-h__] [-q__] [-i__] files
.ti 0
DESCRIPTION	nroff_____
formats text according to control lines embedded
in the text files.
The non-file option arguments are interpreted as follows:

.in +6
.ti -3
+N Output will commence at the first page whose page
number is N (independent of whether or not the
page number is being printed).

.ti -3
-s Stop between pages. Printing will halt prior to
each page (including the first) to permit paper
loading and changing. Printing is restarted by
typing either a "newline" or "delete" character.

.ti -3
-h High-speed output. During output, strings of
space characters are replaced where possible with
tab characters to speed up output. Futhermore, if
the output is directed into a file or a pipe,
this mode effectively reduces the total number of
characters in the file or pipe; this is especially
important in multi-column output where the
temporary file(s) or pipe(s) would otherwise contain
a large number of space characters.

.ti -3
-q The prompt names for insertions are not printed
and the bell character is sent instead; in
addition, the insertion is not echoed. This mode
permits insertions during the actual output printing

.ti -3
-i Index mode. NROFF creates a file called "index"
containing every word output together with the
line and page number. The format is word, tab,
page, tab, line, newline, etc. Invoking this mode
slows down the execution of NROFF considerably.
.in -6
Nroff is more completely described
in [1].
A condensed Request Summary is included here.
.ti 0
FILES		/etc/suftab	suffix hyphenation tables
/tmp/rtm?	temporary
.ti 0
SEE ALSO	[1] NROFF User's Manual (available as MM-73-1271-2).
.ti 0
.ti 0
.in 0
.cc %

Request  Initial  If no    Cause
Form____     Value_____    Argument________ Break_____ Explanation___________

I.  Page____ Control_______

.pl +_N   N=66     N=66     no    P_age L_ength.
.bp +_N   N=1      -        yes   B_egin P_age.
.pn +_N   N=1      ignored  no    P_age N_umber.
.po +_N   N=0      N=prev   no    P_age O_ffset.
.ne N    -        N=1      no    NE__ed N lines.

II.  Text____ Filling_______, Adjusting_________, and___ Centering_________

.br      -        -        yes   BR__eak.
.fi      fill     -        yes   FI__ll output lines.
.nf      fill     -        yes   N_oF_ill.
.ad c    adj,norm adjust   no    AD__just mode on.
.na      adjust   -        no    N_oA_djust.
.ce N    off      N=1      yes   CE__nter N input text lines.

III.  Line____ Spacing_______ and___ Blank_____ Lines_____

.ls +_N   N=1      N=prev   no    L_ine S_pacing.
.sp N    -        N=1      yes   SP__ace N lines
.lv N    -        N=1      no    OR-
.sv N    -        N=1      no    S_aV_e N lines.
.os      -        -        no    O_utput S_aved lines.
.ns      space    -        no    N_o-S_pace mode on.
.rs      -        -        no    R_estore S_pacing.
.xh      off      -        no    EX_tra-H_alf-line mode on.

IV.  Line____ Length______ and___ Indenting_________

.ll +_N   N=65     N=prev   no    L_ine L_ength.
.in +_N   N=0      N=prev   yes   IN__dent.
.ti +_N   -        N=1      yes   T_emporary I_ndent.

V.  Macros______, Diversion_________, and___ Line____ Traps_____

.de xx   -        ignored  no    DE__fine or redefine a macro.
.rm xx   -        -        no    R_eM_ove macro name.
.di xx   -        end      no    DI__vert output to macro "xx".
.wh -_N xx         -        no    WH__en; set a line trap.
.ch -_N -_M         -        no    OR-
.ch xx -_M         -        no    OR-
.ch -_N y          -        no    OR-
.ch xx y          -        no    CH__ange trap line.

VI.  Number______ Registers_________

.nr a +_N -_M       -        no    OR-
.nr ab +_N -_M      -        no    N_umber R_egister.
.nc c    \\n       \\n       no    N_umber C_haracter.
.ar      arabic   -        no    Arabic numbers.
.ro      arabic   -        no    Roman numbers.
.RO      arabic   -        no    ROMAN numbers.

VII.  Input_____ and___ Output______ Conventions___________ and___ Character_________ Translations____________

.ta N,M,...       none     no    PseudoTA__bs setting.
.tc c    space    space    no    T_ab replacement C_haracter.
.lc c    .        .        no    L_eader replacement C_haracter.
.ul N    -        N=1      no    UN__derline input text lines.
.cc c    .        .        no    Basic C_ontrol C_haracter.
.c2 c    '        '        no    Nobreak control character.
.li N    -        N=1      no    Accept input lines LI__terally.
.tr abcd....      -        no    TR__anslate on output.

VIII.  Hyphenation___________.

.nh      on       -        no    N_o H_yphen.
.hy      on       -        no    HY__phenate.
.hc c    none     none     no    H_yphenation indicator C_haracter.

IX.  Three_____ Part____ Titles______.

.tl 'left'center'right'    no    T_itL_e.
.lt N    N=65     N=prev   no    L_ength of T_itle.

X.  Output______ Line____ Numbering_________.

.nm +_N M S I      off      no    N_umber M_ode on or off, set parameters.
.np M S I         reset    no    N_umber P_arameters set or reset.

XI.  Conditional___________ Input_____ Line____ Acceptance__________

.if c anything    -        no    OR-
.if !c anything   -        no    OR-
.if N anything    -        no    OR-
.if !N anything   -        no    IF__ true accept line of "anything".

XII.  Environment___________ Switching_________.

.ev N    N=0      N=prev   no    E_nV_ironment switched.

XIII.  Insertions__________ from____ the___ Standard________ Input_____ Stream______

.rd prompt        bell     no    R_eaD_ insert.
.ex      -        -        no    EX__it.

XIV.  Input_____ File____ Switching _________

.so filename      -        no    Switch SO__urce file (push down).
.nx filename      -        no    N_eX_t file.
XV.  Miscellaneous_____________

.ig      -        -        no    IG__nore.
.fl      -        -        no    FL__ush output buffer.
.ab      -        -        no    AB__ort.
%cc .
.in 16