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.pa 1
.he 'STTY (I)'6/12/72'STTY (I)'
.ti 0
NAME		stty -- set teletype options
.ti 0
SYNOPSIS	stty____ option918 ...
.ti 0
will set certain I/O options on the current output teletype.
The option strings are
selected from the following set:

.in +3
even____	allow even parity.
-even_____	disallow even parity.
odd___	allow odd parity
-odd____	disallow odd parity
raw___	raw mode input
	(no erase/kill/interrupt/quit/EOT)
-raw____	negate raw mode
-nl___	allow cr for lf (and echo lf cr)
nl__	allow nl only
echo____	echo back every character typed.
-echo_____	do not echo characters.
lcase_____	map upper case to lower case
-lcase______	do not map case
-tabs_____	replace tabs by spaces
tabs____	preserve tabs
delay_____	calculate cr and tab delays.
-delay______	no cr/tab delays
ebcdic______	ebcdic ball conversion (2741 only)
corres______	correspondence ball conversion (2741 only)
.in -3
.ti 0
FILES		standard output.
.ti 0
.ti 0
DIAGNOSTICS	"Bad options"
.ti 0
BUGS		--