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.pa 1
.he 'MOUNT (II)'3/15/72'MOUNT (II)'
.ti 0
NAME		mount  --  mount file system
.ti 0
SYNOPSIS	sys  mount; special; name  / mount = 21.
.ti 0
DESCRIPTION	mount_____
announces to the system that a removable file system has
been mounted on special file special_______;
from now on, references to file name____ will refer to
the root file on the newly mounted file system.
Special_______ and name____ are pointers to null-terminated strings
containing the appropriate path names.

Name____ must exist already.  If it had contents,
they are inaccessible while the file system
is mounted.
.ti 0
SEE ALSO	mount(I), umount(II)
.ti 0
(c-bit) set if: special_______ is inaccessible; name____
does not exist;
special_______ is already mounted;
name____ is not on the RF;
there are already four special files mounted.
.ti 0
BUGS		At most
four removable devices can be mounted at a time.
This call should be restricted to the super-used.