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.he 'TIMES(II)'2/10/73'TIMES(II)'
.ti 0
NAME		times -- get process times
.ti 0
SYNOPSIS	sys  times; buffer  / times = 43.; not in assembler
.ti -8
buffer:	.=.+[24.*3]
.ti 0
DESCRIPTION	times_____
returns time-accounting information
for the system as a whole, for the current process,
and for the terminated child processes
of the current process.
All the times are 2-word (32-bit) numbers, and the
unit of measurement is 1/60 second.

After the call, the buffer will appear as follows:

	.=.+4		/ absolute time
	.=.+4		/ total system time
	.=.+4		/ total swap time
	.=.+4		/ other I/O wait time
	.=.+4		/ idle time
	.=.+4		/ total user time

	.=.+4		/ (ignore)
	.=.+4		/ time in system
	.=.+4		/ (ignore)
	.=.+4		/ I/O wait time
	.=.+4		/ (ignore)
	.=.+4		/ processor time


The format of the "child" times is the same as
that for the process times; the numbers are
the sum of the times for all terminated direct
or indirect descendants of the current process.

The "absolute" time returned is the same as that
given by time(II).
The "total system times" are times since the last cold
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SEE ALSO	time(II), time(I)
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