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.he 'KL (IV)'3/15/72'KL (IV)'
.ti 0
NAME		kl -- KL-11/TTY-33 console typewriter
.ti 0
(as distinct from tty?____)
refers to the console
typewriter hard-wired to the PDP-11 via a KL-11 interface.

Generally, the disciplines involved in dealing with tty___
are similar to those for tty?____ and section
dc(IV) should be consulted.
The following differences are salient:

The system calls stty____ and gtty____ do not apply to this
It cannot be placed in raw mode; on input, upper case letters
are always mapped into lower case letters;
a carriage return is echoed when a line-feed is typed.

The quit character is not FS (as with tty?____) but
is generated by the key labelled "alt mode."

By appropriate
console switch settings, it is possible to cause
come up as a single-user system
with I/O on this device.
.ti 0
FILES		/dev/tty
/dev/tty8	synonym for /dev/tty
.ti 0
SEE ALSO	dc(IV), init(VII)
.ti 0
BUGS		--