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.pa 1
.he 'TM (VIII)'3/15/72'TM (VIII)'
.ti 0
NAME		tm  --  provide time information
.ti 0
.ti 0
is used to provide timing information.
Output like the following
is given:
.in +5
   tim 371:51:09     2:00.8
   ovh  20:00:33       17.0
   swp  13:43:20        4.6
   dsk  27:14:35        4.5
   idl 533:08:03     1:33.3
   usr  24:53:50        1.2
   der    0,  54     0,   0
.in -5
The first column of numbers gives totals in the named categories
since the last time the system was cold-booted;  the second
column gives the changes since the last time tm__ was invoked.
The top left number is badly truncated and should be ignored.
ovh___ is time spent
executing in the system;
swp___ is time waiting for swap I/O;
dsk___ is time spent waiting for
file system disk I/O; idl___ is idle time; usr___ is user execution
time; der___ is RF disk error count (left number) and RK disk error
count (right number).

.ti 0
FILES		/dev/rf0 (for absolute times);
/tmp/ttmp for differential timing history.
.ti 0
SEE ALSO	time(I), file system(V)
.ti 0
.ti 0
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