Addenda to UNIX 7th edition distribution tape, 12/2/80.

Format: tar(1), 800 bpi.

	README: this descriptive file.
	lp.c: the missing line printer driver that
	      belongs in /usr/sys/dev/lp.c.
	      The program comes from PWB, and needs minor
	      changes to work in version 7; see comment
	      at head of program.
	lpr: a directory containing the lpr utility and
	      its daemon lpd.
	      See lpr/makefile for instructions on putting it
	lpd.8: the manual section for the line printer daemon.

	fgrep.c: new source for fgrep(1) corrects certain
	      troubles with keys with common prefixes
	c2: directory containing C optimizer cured of
	      certain instances of overoptimism.
	      The existing C makefile works

	awk: directory with complete new awk processor,
	      see README and makefile therein

	tmac.r: macros to simulate old "roff" in "nroff",
	      to support -mr option mentioned in roff(1)

	f77: directory with complete new fortran compiler,
	      contains makefiles.
	      Further improvements to the I/O library have
	      been made at UC Berkeley, and may be obtainable
	      from them.

	malloc.c: new source for malloc(3) corrects rare bug

	dev: directory with more robust mag tape drivers for /usr/sys/dev

	fsck: directory with new, stringent file system checking
	      program and manual section, far superior to old
	      [ind]check.  It checks some data not maintained
	      by v7, in particular superblock counts; resulting
	      complaints are harmless

Other bug fixes:

/usr/sys/h/param.h: CMAPSIZ and SMAPSIZ
	should both be defined as (NPROC/2)
	otherwise trouble will occur with very large
/usr/sys/conf/low.s: replace br7+7. with br7+10.
/usr/src/cmd/sed/sed0.c: delete continue after
	case '\0' in compile() 
/usr/src/cmd/cu.c: args 1 and 2 of some ioctl calls
	may be interchanged
	a ~ may be lacking from references to ECHO or CRMOD
	in case (f == 1) of mode(f)

The following bugs exist, no fix is included.
      (1) adb does not report floating registers correctly
      (2) ldiv, lmod fail with largest negative dividend
          (these implement division of longs in C);
          the division (unsigned)32768/1 also fails
      (3) dump(1) maintains ddate incorrectly.
          This bug is relatively innocuous; it causes
          more dumping than necessary on some occasions.
      (4) join(1) treats null keys as end of file
      (5) sort -t includes the following tab in some field comparisons
      (6) hs(4) is irrevocably lost
      (7) exec writes arguments into swap space with buffered
          I/O, which may happen physically much later, after
          the space has been used for a core image.  The
          solution is to preallocate
          a portion of swap space to this single purpose.
      (8) break is turned into a DEL regardless
          of what the current interrupt character is
      (?) and others, see warranty