On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 at 03:41, Angelo Papenhoff <aap@papnet.eu> wrote:
On 28/08/19, Jason Stevens wrote:
> I don’t recall their being detailed installation instructions like v8/v9.  I never noticed the vax boot stuff as it was buried in the tree.  It’s possible that it’s buildable.  Or it could be incomplete like the Mach 2.5 VAX missing system headers….
> I guess it’s worth trying on whatever should be the parallel BSD system if it’s like v8/v9 which needed a BSD machine to bootstrap.

Check out "Setting Up a Research UNIX System" by Norman Wilson. troff
sources are in v10.

Thanks, I hadn't found that yet.  Unfortunately it assumes that you have a tape with at least a root and /usr dump, which we do not have.

I have several ideas about how one might go about building the tree using existing distributions but any further discussion probably isn't appropriate for this list.  If anyone would like to collaborate please feel free to contact me off-list.