On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 10:12 AM Will Senn <will.senn@gmail.com> wrote:
My thought for the day and question for the group is... It seems that the options for a free operating system (free as in freedom) are becoming ever more limited - Microsoft, this week, announced that their Edge update will remove Edge Legacy and IE while doing the update - nuts; Mac's desktop is turning into IOS - ew, ick; and Linux is wild west meets dictatorship and major corporations are moving in to set their direction (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc.). FreeBSD we've beat to death over the last couple of weeks, so I'll leave it out of the mix for now. What in our unix past speaks to the current circumstance and what do those of you who lived those events see as possibilities for the next revolution - and, will unix be part of it?

And a bonus question, why, oh why, can't we have a contained kernel that provides minimal functionality (dare I say microkernel), that is securable, and layers above it that other stuff (everything else) can run on with auditing and suchlike for traceability?

I love Linux, especially Debian lately.

But I also have high hopes for Redox OS, and may switch someday: