At least in the old days drives had Write Protect switches.
Screw IBM for the in cable drive select lines on diskette and leaving off Write Protect on hard disks.  Some disks had write protect jumpers on the boards... They should have been The STANDARD.


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I use the numbers but I think it stems from the days when kill didn't take
the names.    It's easier for me to remember -1 and -9 than to remember what
the mnemonics are.
Same here - there first time I saw the mnemonics were in the built-in kill command in csh.    Which was usefule for "kill -cont"
but to this day, since like Ron I grew on fifth/sixth/seventh edition which used numbers, the ones that I remember and care about are screwed into my fingers.

I never have an issue with -1 vs -9 with kill, but I do not have great story about how as a young engineer I wiped out the life's work of visiting professor because Tektronix had the 0 and 1 keys next to each other on one of the terminals they made.  It was the console of our 11/60 and we had two RK05's and I fat fingured /dev/r...0 instead of 1.  Bad stuff.