On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 at 15:55, Peter Jeremy <peter@rulingia.com> wrote:
On 2019-Aug-28 11:37:51 -0400, Richard Salz <rich.salz@gmail.com> wrote:
>I think the biggest difference would have been no git and therefore no
>github, etc.

But there are other open SCM tools and it's likely there would be another
site serving similar functionality.  As an example. Google offered a
code-sharing site for many years.

I was not a particularly early adopter of Git; I was already a couple years into usage of darcs.

A one-time colleage, Graydon Hoare, was one of the designers of Monotone, which definitely influenced Git.  (He's more recently known for the Rust language, and presently works at Apple on their Swift language.)  Arch, Bazaar (bzr), Mercurial (hg), Codeville were also out there at the time.

It's rather interesting that Git happened to "win" that particular war; there were various DSCM systems with similar (and dissimilar) capabilities emerging in around 2003-2005.  Various were reasonably "production worthy."

Indeed, it's quite fair to say that at the time Git emerged, there was a very active set of competing distributed SCMs out there.
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