To my knowledge, there was never a link between Plan 9 and Domain/OS.

As I understood it, Domain/OS was more influenced by Multics and maybe the Pr1me machines than anything else. Plan 9 came from the Unix heritage (and thus had Multics as a grandparent, in a manner of speaking).

If there was any connection at all, I suspect it was tenuous and more in the form of an indirect influence, such as an idea someone got from a paper or something like that.

        - Dan C.

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 2:11 PM Pete Wright <> wrote:
Apologies that this isn't specifically a Unix specific question but I
was wondering if anyone had insight in running domain/OS and it's
relationship to Plan 9 (assuming there is any).

One of my early mentors was a former product person at Apollo in Mass.
and was nice enough to tell me all sorts of war stories working there. 
I had known about Plan9 at the time, and from what he described to me
about domain/OS it sounded like there was lots of overlap between the
two from a high level design perspective at the least.  I've always been
keen to understand if domain/OS grew out of former Bell Labs folks, or
how it got started.

As an aside, he gifted me a whole bunch of marketing collateral from
Apollo (from before the HQ acquisition) that i'd be happy to share if
there is any historical value in that.  At the time I was a
video/special effects engineer are was amazed at how beneficial having
something like domain/OS or Plan9 would have been for us, it felt we
were basically trying to accomplish a lot of the same goals by duct
taping a bunch of Irix and Linux systems together.


Pete Wright