This thread needs to move to COFF to continue - although my own story is 1/2 about BSD and the VAX.

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> There's a bunch of AED documentation online, including this...
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I worked at AED before going to Apple, to stay sort of window related, the last project I worked on at AED was
a VME and Qbus board set that was a complete color X terminal.
I had to chuckle when I read that.  In the fall of '82 (I think), we got a Smalltalk VM from PARC at UCB.  Dave Unger, Ken Keller, and I - plus some other folks in Patterson's systems seminar who's names I have since forgotten, wrote a VM in C for the VAX/BSD.  We used an AED512 and Keller's graphics library from his thesis running over a 19.2 serial link as the output.  About a month after we had it running, a couple of us got to visit PARC, and Peter Deutch showed us Smalltalk running on a Dorado.  He ran his hand with the mouse across the screen opening and closing a bunch of windows randomly.   We started laughing and Peter asked us what was so funny.  We told him what he did would have taken at least 5 minutes to redisplay on BSD/VAX version.