The answers to the quiz are the answers to the quiz. Whether they are correct may be hard to verify, and cagbef is what my notes have so who knows?

I've added a word to eliminate the castigation of CAT's hygiene.


On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 7:50 AM Doug McIlroy <> wrote:
The first edition ran on pdp-11, not pdp-7.

Tukey buttered parsnips at the labs, but Brits did
so several centuries before.

Contrary to urban legend, patent was not invoked to
justify the Unix pdp-11; word-processing was. The
quiz does not make this mistake.

The phototypesetter did not smell. The chemicals
for (externally) devoloping photo paper did.

Shahpazian is Dick Shahpazian; Maranzano is Joe Maranzano.

cagbef addresses out of bounds.

I appreciate Rob's discretion about the Waterloo theft.