Funny you mention that, I recently pulled this ad from SUN:


These days, there’s absolutely no limit to the things you can add to your PCs. Coprocessors. VGA cards. Large scale monitors. Network cards.

But no matter how many thousands of dollars you pour into your PCs, they still can’t give you what you get with every Sun workstation. The screaming-hot performance. The multi-tasking. The high-resolution graphics. And the built-in networking.

And now, we’re introducing a new workstation that makes all the shortcomings of your PCs even more obvious.

SPARCstation™ IPC.

At $8,995*, it’s the lowest cost, full-color RISC workstation in the world. By far. In fact, it’s about the same price as a high-performance 386 PC. But just look at the difference….



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> > On 2019-07-11 18:50, A. P. Garcia wrote:

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> > > Did Sun have anything to do with that? I seem to recall something

> > > called "Interactive Unix" for the 386, possibly marketed by Sun...

> >

> > "Interactive Unix" was pretty nice back than.

> > Anybody remembers ESIX? Still have the document wall for that ...

> >

> > Cheers

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> Sun had a '386 based system in early 90s-ish called the Road Runner.

> I never saw it. It ran SunOS 4.x and I think was discontinued by the

> time Solaris 2.x came along.


Yep, can confirm.  I was a fan but the powers that were at Sun at the

time just didn't want competition for SPARC.  Which was sort of silly,

a 386 was nowhere near as fast as the SPARC chips of the day, that was

when RISC actually made sense.  But perhaps they had a crystal ball

and could see that x86 was going to be as fast or faster down the

road?  I tend to doubt it, they really looked down on the 386.