On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 8:59 PM Rob Pike <robpike@gmail.com> wrote:
I always thought Research 10th Edition was fantastic. Even the 8th edition was an improvement on most of its successors. But things flowed another way, with muddy streams mixing in.


Rob - Fair enough/excellent point/I agree from a pure technology stand point, but the problem was anything from Research after Seventh Edition was the limited availability so few people out side really used it (and I'll have include Plan 9 in that family also - although you guys did get it out more widely than 8th or 10th UNIX -- funny by that point, I had read about it and seen the manuals in a book store in the UK, but I did not get the mess with the actual 10th edition code until  a few years after I had a Plan 9 boot floppy that Dave gave me running in a laptop).