On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 3:24 PM Clem Cole <clemc@ccc.com> wrote:

  I think I may even have a memo or two from the discussion in a file cabinet.   
Just for grins, I peaked in a file I had last night.  I found about 4-5 cm's thickness of the 'requirements for a next-gen kernel' documents from the UI kernel group.  They went to dev null as they are so unuseful at this point and I'm short on filing space/my wife has been on me to weed.  I did decide to save the who was on the committee page, that seems like it might have value. 

It was 1993, and  Linux was just appearing, who knew?   UI was backing the SRV4 ABI on top of Chorus as a reaction to OSF's Mach system.