What are the mods?  I have a stack of 10s and 20s but will take it for safe keeping if nobody else will.

On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 12:01 PM Jon Steinhart <jon@fourwinds.com> wrote:
Kind of scary what's in my basement.  For those of you building UNIX
workstations in the early days, I have a big fat notebook full of
Weitek floating point chip specs, many of which are marked as preliminary.
Also a set of CORBA specs.  Again, low-hanging fruit that's getting
recycled unless anyone has a use for them.

In the not completely sure that I want to part with them yet for some
strange reason, I have a set of SunOS manuals.

Also, if anyone collects old hardware I have a SparcStation 20 with a
slightly modified SunOS sitting around and an Ultra 60 Solaris box.