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On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 02:46:00PM -0400, Clem Cole wrote:
  As for Paul's comment about the daemons.  Yes, Kirk McKusick who
  actually drew the original BSD daemon with purple sneakers, was wearing
  the infamous blue tee with said logo out walking on the street, as one
  someone else in the party (maybe Sam Leffler) sporting a 10 anniversary
  USENIX shirt in San Antonio many years ago, which has the daemons shown
  top of a PDP-11 with pipes, the null device, et al.   He has quite a
  tale of the experience.

The daemons on the PDP-11 with pipes was drawn by Phil Foglio:

and this image was the inspiration for the BSD daemon.

​Indeed.   Kirk ended up getting some sort of legal rights for his version of it [don't ask me which - trademark/copyright] .

Sadly my wife threw out my Foglio shirt a few years after we were married (one of our first disagreements on the value of 'old' things - which continues today - now she stay out the basement where my museum is😎.   In her defense, it was probably 5-6 years old then, had holes and had not worn well.   The shirts were very inexpensively made and frankly after 20-30 washings, the red piping on the side had faded and a few more washing the printing started to fall off.