If that's the MIPs code base, it is likely to not be there.  I could be forgetting something, but I remember that DECnet was released for the MIPS products.   It was on Tru64 and Ultrix, but is a 'layered product' so you needed a license to install it and it needed to be a late enough version that had switched to exposing a full OSI stack.

That said, I do not remember/know how well it functioned talking to any OSI stack other than DECs.

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I have OSF/1 1.0 running on gxemul …


Any idea on where/ how to configure OSI?



OSF/1 Release 1 (OSFMIPS) console


login: root

Last login: Thu Aug 29 06:03:07 on console

DEC OSF/1 V1.0 (Rev. 166); Sun Jun 07 19:23:34 CDT 1970

DEC OSF/1 V1.0 Worksystem Software (Rev. 161)


# find / -name 'osi*' -print



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>Speaking of OSI stacks, I know 4.4BSD Lite came with some fragments of

>one. OSI's dead and hardly mourned these days, but did anyone in the

>Unix world ever get beyond the 4.4BSD fragmentary implementation?


There was ISODE


I recall experimenting with it but didn't actually use it in anger.


I know that DEC/Compaq/HP Tru64 Unix (nee OSF/1) came with a OSI stack -

we had customers who wanted/used FTAM and I was surprised to find it

came with the OS.



Peter Jeremy