Interesting stuff!  And another version of Mach is buried in there. 

So the 4 csrg cd set may have updates to the romp support as it's an older version of the 5.1 kernel from 89...  Not that think there is any Mach romp users. 

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From: TUHS <> on behalf of Charles H Sauer <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 5:51 a.m.
Subject: [TUHS] Bitsavers' RT/PC, AIX, AOS, etc. recent additions

The Bitsavers' RSS feed ( seemed to me to be dominated by RT, AIX, AOS (BSD for RT), etc. stuff in the last week or so. I've only sampled a few items, but discovered a few things that I should have known (or knew and forgot?) while I was at IBM. -- voice: +1.512.784.7526 e-mail: fax: +1.512.346.5240 Web: Facebook/Google/Skype/Twitter: CharlesHSauer