PC did his original development on a Masscomp box which was basically 4.2 APIs and was one of the original X systems (its what ORA did the original doc and how Tim got his start).  Paul is a Mac guy (at one point it compiled on the 68K Mac OS) and he moved the development there at one point.  So, I suspect it will build without too much difficulty on *BSD style systems (and he might even answer a question or two if you run into issues).

I suggest try it and see how far you get.   The biggest issue is the video calls were for older versions and I don't think they talk to modern API's; but I suspect on the Mac the X windows system will work fine.

Then again, I have not tried it in years and I'm not sure at this point, I could pull teco commands out of my long paged out personal memory system.


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On Thu, 16 Nov 2017, Mutiny  wrote:

is the Unix implementation free for the public?

There's a FreeBSD port for it; I might even try it...  Can't find a Mac version, though, at least not in MacPorts.

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