Yes, I should have been more careful with my phrasing.

To be more clear the innovations developed by Heinz Nixdorf in the early days of the company did not contribute to Unix but was it also concept and worthy of study.

After Heinz died the company lost direction and was purchased by Siemens.

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I know that it didn’t run Unix but I believe Nixdorf Computer was the large computer company at that time.
Both Nixdorf and Siemens were heavy into UNIX.  Both were founders of OSF.   Nixdorf OEM'ed a couple of machines from US firms, as well as making their own.   Siemens and Philips both trended to make their own systems.   IIRC Philips was mostly in the AT&T Camp at the time.  Olivetti was definitely since one of the original 386 systems AT&T tried to sell was their PC (in fact was one of systems ISC used for the original 386 UNIX port - supplied by AT&T).