El mar., 29 oct. 2019 a las 16:11, Warner Losh (<imp@bsdimp.com>) escribió:

Amazing, Warren. And for sure the Hercules reference. Just today I was searching for Hercules VM/370 Packs (Four & Six). Succesfully, I must say. I will appreciate to read about all the attempts to put it on working state. Sadly, this used to be managed on Hercules groups under Yahoogroups, but this platform is closing. I can provide some details in [COFF] list later.

I sure hope the internet archive pulls it all down before it goes away. Geocities used to have a lot of obscure hardware info on it and that was mostly lost when they went away :(


Just in case and for knowledge of anyone interested, I have made a backup pf the messages and contents at date of all the Hercules-related groups under Yahoogroups. It's saved in SQLite format plus the files accesibles individually.

I've added too some new URLs with the VM packs and some other stuff as Hercules v.4, Turnkey TK4 distro, and so.

In fact I am thinking to raise one webpage dedicated to this matter, in english and spanish languages. I had the same idea for a TUHS mirror some time ago but it's just now when I have some free time to think seriously about it.

Kind Regards