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> The answers to the quiz are the answers to the quiz. Whether they are
> correct may be hard to verify, and cagbef is what my notes have so who
> knows?

The question is missing a part:

16. Sort the following into chronological order: a) PWB 1.2, b) V7, c)
Whirlwind, e) System V, f) 4.2BSD, g)
             cagbef|c a g b e f

>From an file George Rosamond sent me in 2009:
I also collected some more sources:

MERT absolutely predates PWB 1.2. MERT has papers starting in 1975 while pwb 1.2  is 1978 or 1979. By the time pwb 1.2 was coming out, it had mutated to UNIX/RT... MERT was V4 while releases of PWB were V6 based. And the link for the graph (which are often horribly sourced for the early stuff) is dead.


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