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Kulp's name (and IIASA) appeared in several source files, 

​Which is exactly my point....​As Larry said -- "Huh, I too thought Bill Joy did it.  Did he integrate it and get credit that way?"

Most people, even really smart ones that know a lot of the history like Larry, think job control came from BSD.   Bill recognized a good idea (and I believe it came in on the PDP-11 version from IIASA and MIT BTW) and then peed on it as it was made part of 4.1BSD.

To his credit, he was amazing at recognizing some great ideas and integrating them; and some of them make the system much more usable and I could not live without (I really would not want to type day-2-day to V6 or V7 - which I did years ago and love it ->> then <<).

The core BSD system is the basic UNIX that the ROMs in my fingers and my brain expect when I'm typing.  Bill was the person that shepherded it and I thank him.    But it was a work of a lot people, but at UCB (and not just CSRG) and outside.