On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 8:12 PM, Arthur Krewat <krewat@kilonet.net> wrote:
What's your UNIX of choice to do normal "real" things these days?

Home file server (NAS), business stuff, develop code, whatever.

It depends...   on what I have, what will get the job done etc...

My laptop is a 2016 MBP with Sierra, as are wife and college age son; although their systems are not quite as new as mine.

For work, I program on Mac OS, Linux or mOS depending, the later two ssh from Mac.   And since Winders as an Unbuntu subsystem, when I use the VM and absolutely have to use it, I have that too.

'ccc.com' primary infrastructure is OpenBSD cause it just works and is simple, little bloat and I can mostly forget it - it just works.

My NAS is an older Linux version pentium class box that needs to be upgraded, not just what the next thing will be - I've not had time. But it came with a Linux and it works, really well, its behind the firewall.   Like Larry, I have a number of TBs of RAID5 on it, and I just do simple rsyncs to it from the other systems.

Different routers run dd-wrt - which are linux under the covers.

Then I have lots of different  specialized systems, running whatever makes sense.​