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My comments were not directed to A. P. Garcia.

I regret my error.

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Whoa!  Let’s rethink the defamatory ad hominem remarks here.  We were all kids once.  Moreover, my examination of this subject showed that some of our greatest computer scientists, at the time, went to bat for young Morris.  Moreover, calling RTM a nasty name like that is a shoe that simply doesn’t fit.  My goodness RTM is a professor at MIT.   It’s inarguable that the Morris Worm helped his career far more than it hurt it.  Plus, indeed, there was a genuine re-Morris from RTM.  

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No worries. It's worth mentioning on a Unix mailing list that RTM coauthored xv6, an x86 reimplementation of the v6 kernel. It sort of carries the torch of the Lions book by teaching future generations about the internals of operating systems and the Unix way. And that is a beautiful thing.