On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 3:49 PM Jon Steinhart <jon@fourwinds.com> wrote:
Kevin Bowling writes:
> What are the mods?  I have a stack of 10s and 20s but will take it for safe
> keeping if nobody else will.
> On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 12:01 PM Jon Steinhart <jon@fourwinds.com> wrote:
> > Kind of scary what's in my basement.  For those of you building UNIX
> > workstations in the early days, I have a big fat notebook full of
> > Weitek floating point chip specs, many of which are marked as preliminary.
> > Also a set of CORBA specs.  Again, low-hanging fruit that's getting
> > recycled unless anyone has a use for them.
> >
> > In the not completely sure that I want to part with them yet for some
> > strange reason, I have a set of SunOS manuals.
> >
> > Also, if anyone collects old hardware I have a SparcStation 20 with a
> > slightly modified SunOS sitting around and an Ultra 60 Solaris box.
> >
> > Jon

The Sparc 20 includes the double-buffered graphics board.  Thanks to an
unnamed employee, I got the code to do a kernel mod so that I can run
SunView on the front buffer and X on the rear buffer and switch between
the two by running the mouse off of the side of the screen.
that sounds really cool, is there any way you could extract that mod from the machine?

(I don't really need another Sparc 20, but the mod interests me).

I probably have installation media around for both of these systems.
Which means that I also have a QIC-150 drive to go with 'em.  And a
stack of QIC-150 and QIC-50 tapes that I've been wanting to get rid
of but haven't managed to procure a good bulk eraser yet.  Also may
have Sun DDS-2, DDS-3, and DDS-4 DAT drives; will have to look.  I
also have one of the Archive Python DAT drives with the special SGI
firmware that lets the DDS layer be turned off so that you can read
and write audio DATs; that's currently loaned out and I'd need to
check the status of it.