Might I would suggest a slightly different path.

Install Quasijarus on a more traditional vax processor with RH style disks [RMxx/RPxx] on the simh.   Then add a virtual RZ SCSI disk to the simh system [although you might not even need to do that - as simh just sees the disk as a linear file of blocks without any geometry].  The trick is to make sure the virtual disk is set up so that you have a working system/booting system on the virtual disk when changing the processor type to match the VAXstation.  Then just DD the image to a real SCSI drive and move it to the VAXstation.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 3:51 PM Adam Thornton <athornton@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks to Emanuel Steibler, I am now in possession of a VAXStation 4000 VLC.  I've got OpenVMS installed, but, well, the SCSI2SD gives me two more 2GB disks (the fourth partition is the OpenVMS install CD).

I'd like to put Quasijarus on it.

Problem is, the VLC only supports, as far as I know, SCSI devices.  I'm quite happy to install Quasijarus under simhfrom an emulated SCSI tape to an rz device and then just dd the resulting disk image over to the SD card...but I can't work out how to do it.

This (as my simh ini file) works fine for getting to the emulated console:

set rz0 rzu
att rz0 quas.dsk
set rz4 tz30
att rz4 quas.tap

Problem is, quas.tap doesn't actually work; neither the prepackaged 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0c.tap nor one I make with mkdisttap.pl and the input stand/miniroot/etc files.

I get this:

adam@m1-wired:~/Documents/src/quasi$ ./vaxstation4000vlc install.ini

VAXstation 4000-VLC (KA48) simulator V4.0-0 Current        git commit id: 9bf37d3d
/Users/adam/Documents/src/quasi/install.ini-4> att rz4 quas.tap
RZ4: Tape Image 'quas.tap' scanned as SIMH format
/Users/adam/Documents/src/quasi/install.ini-5> boot cpu
Loading boot code from internal ka48a.bin

KA48-A V1.2-32B-V4.0

?? 010   2       LCG  0086
?? 001   3        DZ  0032
?? 001   4     CACHE  0512
?? 001   7        IT  8706
?? 001   8       SYS  0128
?? 001   9        NI  0024

>>> show dev

  -------      ----      -------    --------     -----    --    ------      ---
  ESA0         08-00-2B-B2-35-2C
  DKA0         A/0/0     DISK         2.14GB      FX            RZ23        0A18
  DKA100       A/1/0     DISK        ......       FX            RZ23        0A18
  DKA200       A/2/0     DISK        ......       FX            RZ23        0A18
  DKA300       A/3/0     DISK        ......       FX            RZ23        0A18
  MKA400       A/4/0     TAPE                     RM            TZK50       1.1A
  DKA500       A/5/0     DISK        ......       FX            RZ23        0A18
 ..HostID..    A/6       INITR
  DKA700       A/7/0     DISK        ......       FX            RZ23        0A18

>>> boot mka400:


HALT instruction, PC: 00000B15 (MOVL (R11),SP)


How do I make a bootable SCSI tape image from Quasijarus?  Or, alternatively, how can I create a bootable ISO image from the Quasijarus installation files (and then either install under simh, or just dd to an SD partition and boot from there, or even burn to an actual CD and install from a SCSI CD-ROM drive)?