On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 1:13 PM, Bakul Shah <bakul@bitblocks.com> wrote:
Tom Almy's version,

​I'd forgotten Tom was a teco guy.   I'm not sure what happened too it, but at some point Tom and I got the RT11 version (which was in Macro-11 assembler) running in V7 @ Tektronix ​before we had vi. Tom was the biggest user at that point.  I was running something Phil Karn had brought to CMU from Cornell (and I took to Tektronix) called 'fred' (friendly ed) which had compiled in terminal support. Fred supported glass tty's; which is why I liked it even though I knew teco & emacs from my 10's days.   Mark Bales came up from Berkeley later that summer and brought 1BSD/2BSD with him (that's when I learned csh and reprogrammed my fingers to the current rom configuration).  Gosling Emacs for UNIX does not show up until we started running Vaxen and had the address space, so at the time it was ed, fred, vi, teco on the 11s.