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AT&T's legal argument was against BSDI and UCB.  People
misunderstanding the difference between Patent law and Trade Secret
Law into thinking that we were all contaminated and Unix was Doomed
(tm), wasn't, as far as I know, part of AT&T's lawsuit.

Sadly, yes it was so... (and I still have my 'mentally contaminated' button).​  So now you do know,

Again this is why (and I have asked counsel this question) so what if they had won?   I have been advised that all UNIX implementations would have been subjected to the ruling world-wide or at least subject to a number of treaties enforce in the USA and the EU (although how many AT&T would have litigated against we will never know).   My friends that are lawyers that have examined this question have said in practice it would have been very hard to pursue (which may have been part of the reason the court did what it did - i.e. the test could this be enforced).

It would have been very different world that I am fairly sure.