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It looks like TCP port 540 is reserved for UUCP over TCP 
I think that's either 'e' or 't' uucico protocol.   I've forgoten (and I wrote 'e').  But look at the uucico code in either a late version og Honey-Dan-BER or the Taylor UUCP rewrite, as I think they have all those protocols.


I / we would like to know more about the "over ether as serial" part.
We can take this off line.   As I said, it been done a numberof times with simh and the like.   The key is that simh creates a 'serial line' on a TCP port.    You tell UNIX to hang a login off it and then you telnet or whatever to that port.    The older system running in simh, thinks it has a serial line.   It pretty much just works; al biet is slow as hell and chews up a ton of resources.


If you have ideas, please bring them and share them.
You just need to engage of a us old folks that run UUCP back in the day ;-)