There is that emulator shoebill which can run A/UX, even the 0.7 version which has the lower level unisoft sysv source.

But by the time they got around to version 3 it was an incredibly robust UNIX with a very simple UI, and by nature had access to an incredible amount of apps being source sysv compatible, and could run most sys6/7 apps, including SoftPC!

It's crazy that Apple never ported it to the PowerPC, as they basically had a next gen OS right under their nose the whole time, and ended up paying to port NeXT to the PowerPC, and doing the carbon shuffle to get apps... But Apple has never been shy from doing things strange.

On February 26, 2017 3:02:20 AM GMT+08:00, Al Kossow <> wrote:

On 2/25/17 6:17 AM, Arno Griffioen wrote:
the original Apple A/UX (now *that* was an
interesting oddball though..)

The original release was based on Unisoft UniPlus+, with some boot
resiliency added.

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