On 20 September 2017 at 14:33, Brad Spencer <brad@anduin.eldar.org> wrote:

At Not Dayjob, it is all NetBSD.  Some i386/amd64 bare metal, lots of
Xen and some arm since 1993 or so.

I ran NetBSD at home for over fifteen years until last year, on both a disk server and a workstation, and usually on whatever odd hardware came my way.  For the most part it was extremely clean and efficient, but at some point I realized that for amd64 hardware there was a real lack of performance as compared to Linux.  NetBSD is wonderful for running on older or exotic hardware when performance is not the #1 consideration, and as far as I know the networking stack is still among the best, but for a day to day workstation it just wasn't able to cut it anymore.