Unix arrived at Princeton in the early 1970's and it might have been the third or fourth edition. The first time I heard about Unix was from one of my graduate students who was just starting work on his thesis, so it must have been before 1974. (He got his degree in May 1975 and this the only date I am sure about ;-)...)

Princeton is geographically close to Murray Hill (30 miles or so) and there was a lot of interaction between the two. I left Princeton in 1980 to join 1127 and another Princeton colleague had moved a year earlier.

Theo Pavlidis

On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 6:33 PM, Clem Cole <clemc@ccc.com> wrote:
I was recently asked a question that I was not sure the answer, so I thought I would pass it to this group of folks.

What was the first edition that actually left Murray Hill and where did it go?

My own first encounter was the Fifth edition but I know that was later.  I'm pretty sure both Harvard and MIT had it before CMU.   I'm thinking Fourth edition went to Harvard and some other places ??NYU?? ??MIT??   Did anything earlier than Fifth ever leave Murray Hill?

I don't think UCB or UofI got it until the Sixth edition.   I believe there was some earlier commercial site ??CU in NYC maybe?? may have been in there also but I have no idea what version that was.   

Doug do you know?

Warren any ideas?