Does anyone know where the 386 port from PCC came from?


While trying to build a Tahoe userland for the i386, it seems that everything was built with GCC…

Was there a PCC for the i386 around ’88-90?  It seems after the rapid demise of the Tahoe/Harris

HCX-9 that the non Vax/HCX-9 platforms had moved to GCC?


Also anyone know any good test software for LIBC?  I’ve been tracing through some

strange issues rebuilding LIBC from Tahoe, where I had to include some bits from

Reno to get diropen to actually work.  I would imagine there ought to have been some

platform exercise code to make sure things were actually working instead of say

building as much as you can, and playing rogue for a few hours to make sure

its stable enough.