Some UPSTART named RMS in his whole odipherous spledor couldn't even spell LINUX.     If you read his earlier manifesto rants he hated UNIX with a passion.
Holding out the TOPS operating systems as the be-all and end-all of user interface.   Despite his disingenous propaganda, he didn't invent LINUX (or any other UNIX clone).
RMS didn't even enter onto the UNIX scene until after he had been burned by LMI/Symbolics/MIT over contributions he made to the Lisp Machine that he assumed would always be freely available.     I was a rather late comer to UNIX, having not started on it until 1977,   RMS wasn't anywhere around until over a decade later.

I was happy that Ken and Dennis and the folks were coming up with the design pattern and not worrying about every single bug in the system.   This was RESEARCH.     Those of us in the direct trenches at the places that got UNIX under the "scrap metal" provisions got to make our own contribution by increasing robustness and performance as well as extended the underlying paradigm.

yeah, that's not really sporting. I've always wondered about something else, though: Were the original Unix authors annoyed when they learned that some irascible young upstart named Richard Stallman was determined to make a free Unix clone? Was he a gadfly, or just some kook you decided to ignore? The fathers of Unix have been strangely silent on this topic for many years. Maybe nobody's ever asked?

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