Hi, folks. Tom Lyon here - this UNIX 370 stuff was recovered by Stephen at LCM+L from DECtapes that I've had sitting around for 40+ years.
You can read all about the Princeton/Amdahl project here: https://akapugs.blog/2018/05/12/370unixpart1/

If anyone wants to get serious with the code, you'll need Hercules with a VM/370 image as well as a PDP-11 emulator running V6. There's not a lot beyond the kernel, I got the shell working enough to prove that fork worked, and then ran out of steam because of the awful communication problems between the PDP and the IBM.  [ But that was my start as a networking guy ]. I personally haven't had time to do anything with the recovered bits.

I've been lurking on TUHS for a while - a special Hi to Ken Thompson and Steve Johnson. I owe a lot to each of them. Read about my summer at Bell with the Interdata 8/32 here: https://akapugs.blog/2018/05/16/belllabspart1/

On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 9:04 PM Warren Toomey <wkt@tuhs.org> wrote:
All, the second Unix artifact that I've been waiting to announce has
arrived. This time the LCM+L is announcing it. It's not the booting PDP-7.

So, cast your eyes on https://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Distributions/IBM/370/

Cheers, Warren

P.S Thanks to Stephen Jones for this as well.

- Tom